ZestyNotions.com is my "playground" for testing various code, and to host my own .config files for MAC OSX and Arch Linux and more.
I will be starting a youtube channel to try and document some of the install scripts that I make available here as it is too much trouble to document all here in text, besides it gives everyone a chance to ask questions etc there. I will also create a twitter account to try and be reachable there too, if for nothing else, at least then I have the handle before others snatch it.

In 2024 the typical website experience goes something like this:

  • Figure out how to decline all but essential cookies.
  • Close the support widget asking if you need help
  • Stop the auto-playing video
  • Close the "subscribe to our newsletter" pop-up
  • Realize that there is a paywall
  • Try and remember why you are there in the first place

  • This site will be kept as basic and fast as possible to avoid that bloat.
    So that means, no JavaScript, no ads, no cookies, no tracking and no bullshit™

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