- My dotfiles -

Quickly install on top of existing files
I use the below command on new mac or linux systems to quickly have the same presets and environtment (Or if I messed something up and want to reset).

NOTE that running the below command will overwrite existing files with mine (this is by design, so please backup your own dotfiles before running if you want to try them out, or cherrypick from github the ones you want to try)

You will need "wget" and "git" for the command to work as it retreaves the files from github

sh <(wget -qO- https://zns.one/rc)

Once installed above command is also available as an alias "resetzns" for quick access.

Type "a" in the terminal to see list of aliases and their descriptions.

My dotfiles and CLI workflow is build around a few rust programs that replace some of the standard GNU utils for a BLAZINGLY FAST™ navigation and edit experience.

For the files to work as intended you will need the following as a minimum:
(These are automatically installled if you try the ZestyOS install scripts)

Memo to future me: Have rc script check for required apps and install as needed depending on OS.

Required CLI
  • bat - Rust cat alternative
  • eza - Rust ls alternative
  • procs - Rust top replacement
  • sk - (skim) Rust live grep fuzzy finder with piping capabilities
  • fd - Rust Find program
  • zoxide - Rust program that shortlists often used directories to fast jump them in the future
  • Neovim - as IDE for the terminal

  • Recomended CLI

  • yazi - Rust ranger alternative(file explorer) Note yazi integrates with zoxide so hit "z" to quick jump between folders
  • gitui - Rust version of lazy git
  • starship - Rust CLI prompt configurator

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